We can supply kayaks to make the twenty-two mile crossing to Catalina Island

We can supply kayaks to make the twenty-two mile crossing to Catalina Island. We have rented kayaks to free divers off Malibu and to south bound venturing Baja campers. If you have company coming and want to add to your fleet for the weekend, we offer very reasonable multiple day rentals.

Our basic rental is for two hours paddling through the canals of Huntington Harbor. Five islands and approximately nine miles of canals will make it impossible to soak in the entire harbor in just one outing, but two hours of paddling will have you feeling satisfied and rejuvenated. This is the perfect place to try kayaking, the harbor is very mellow, with light boat traffic and all 5 MPH, so no jet skis or other fast moving boats to worry about. There are a couple parks to picnic at, even a couple restaurants to stop for lunch.

Rent & Sell

We rent and sell kayaks to fit any and all your needs, from the surf, to mild white water, to touring our coastal and inland waters. Your rental includes the kayak, seat, paddle and even a map upon request. We set the kayaks on the water’s edge, so you just sit down and we push you off. We make it very easy!

Kayak Rigging

And if you'd rather use your legs, try one of our Hobie Mirage Drive kayaks, powered by a foot pedal system! We can assist you in choosing the kayak that suits your needs and are happy to allow you to try before you buy. All accrued rental payments up to $100 can be applied to kayak purchase.

Throughout the entire month of December we will be offering nightly guided kayak tours through the canals of Huntington Harbor. Click here for more information.

Recreational Kayaking with OEX

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